Friday, November 13, 2009

The All-Too Familiar Feeling ...

Have you ever found yourself running late for class/work/ any daily obligation just because you couldn't resist the obligatory stop into Starbucks for a latte? If so, you know about "Running Latte," the state of being late for something because of the noble pursuit of a latte. Running latte is a great way to let your professors know that you care more about sipping pumpkin spice than taking notes on that first slide... and also one of the easiest ways to show your employers that you shirk responsibility at the first sight of that alluring green mermaid logo.

Ever been there? Well then you can relate! And consider that the term running latte is completely made up-- but works better than just simply "running late" or "getting a latte" to signify this honorable condition.


  1. I can definitely pinpoint a whole bunch of people who have Running Latte symptoms. I can see from a professor's perspective how it could get extremely irritating, but even as a classmate it's slightly annoying, especially when they decide to bring along a snack too in those small brown harmless-looking Starbucks bags. You would never think they could be so loud and distracting...

    Very nice satirical blurb - I like it!

  2. I totally get it and it's very clever! I agree with you Harleen... the annoyance from a professor's perspective is understandable. But then again, is only about just having a coffee? I mean, at least in my defense on my "Running Latte" syndrome, its more that I cannot function properly without one and figure that its better that I'm late and attentive then there on time and unable to concentrate and converse in discussion.

  3. I can definately understand professor annoyance with such a situation, but in defense of the student, say it's an issue of getting fuel/calories/a snack.....maybe it could be something that doesn't require them to take that time but hey, sometimes you just really want to try that new random chocolate flavor that day....

  4. The only time I've ever been late to class because of coffee was last semester for my Late 19th Century Art history class... and somehow, even with the coffee, I still fell asleep.

    Since then I have learned to plan ahead for the time needed to get coffee AND get to class in time. I tell you, that is one college education!

  5. I think this idea of "Running Latte" is great and hilarious. The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the picture of the young woman holding shopping bags and two lattes was THE HILLS. I don't know if this can be tied or has anything to do with our discussion on the validity and importance of daytime television but I couldn't help but go there.

    Anyways, I think that walking into a class late is rude to the teacher, although once or twice isn't such a big deal. I do believe that most of GW has no sense of their "Running Latte"'s just another day in the life...