Tuesday, December 1, 2009

not everyone hates Celine Dion

This is just for everyone's viewing pleasure:


  1. if people like lady gaga and michael jackson are crazy, amazing, performers and entertainers why can't we accept the same for celine dion?

  2. I kind of liked this video and seriously your unapologetic defenses almost make me want to wear a team celine shirt

    But I just can't tell if she's intentionally crazy (like gaga) or unintentionally crazy... which is certainly the less attractive kind.

    If you're crazy and you know you're crazy, you're cool. If you're crazy and everybody else knows it but you... you're just crazy.

  3. First thing I'd like to point out is that I absolutely hate GWireless and it's tendency to time out my network connection during these postings. So, here I go again...

    Okay, what I wanted to say was that celebrities are incredibly powerful people. With today's technology and celebrity-stalking websites out there, within a few seconds, everyone on the world wide web could potentially know exactly what celebrities are wearing, where they were shopping,and what kind of coffee they were drinking. With so many eyes on them at a time, they know they have a 24/7 audience to everything they do.

    Celebrities know this about themselves. And now to my main point - all celebrities are crazy. To be a celebrity, you have to stand out. You have to be able to do something that no one else can, whether it is your singing style, your sporting abilities, your philanthropic endeavors - SOMETHING sets a celebrity apart from an everyday person. Something about them makes them queer to us. Some of us choose to embrace this queerness and possibly worship the celebrity, while others of us reject it and believe this celebrity is a bad kind of "crazy", when indeed every celebrity is unique and outrageous in their own way. And trust me, they all know it. They wouldn't be celebrities if they couldn't own up to it.

  4. I just had the interesting experience of watching this on silent from my desk at work, and I think the silence factor made me enjoy the video more than I would have otherwise... Celine just looks like a fun, goofy kind of woman, and I definitely have nothing against that.

    However I do believe that there is a stark difference between the image she presents and her associations with "craziness" and the image presented by artists like Lady Gaga. When we laugh at Celine Dion being crazy, like in Prof Fisher's clip from Larry King, it is because she is not in on the joke. In the youtube video posted here, she is trying to act goofy and make the people around her laugh (at least that's what I gathered without any sound), but that's different than seeing her act crazy as if with no self-control.

    Gaga, however (and I hate to keep referring to her like she's better than Dion, because I really don't like Lady Gaga much either), uses her weird behavior as part of the image she wants to project on herself--she is IN on the joke. And maybe with all her popularity despite the weird stuff she does, she's really just making the joke on us.

  5. I agree with ZR... What makes Celine so different? Because she is so over-used - Because she is a lot like other artists??