Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen the Links Are in Cyberspace

All, here is a link to an old You Made Me Theorize post that contains various links to some of the multimedia elements that Carl Wilson mentions at the beginning of his book.

And below is a clip of Spiritualized's "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" just because.


  1. Larry King just looks like he doesn't know what to do with her crying.

    Having this video for context makes her outburst make more sense than it did in Wilson's book, although I think Wilson made a good point in saying that people don't know what to do with Celine, because I think I had a similar reaction to King in that I wasn't sure what to make of her crying, especially since I'm an American and I wouldn't think about crying that hard at Hurricane Katrina.

    I've heard both the most wanted and most unwanted song before, and I still think they both sound awful.

  2. Katrina was devastating. I think her hysterics are warranted, but I'm not sure if they are entirely believable.