Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Say what you want, but there's no denying how timely and relevant our course is. Check out the purely coincidental discussion of Wilson's book over at The Pomo Jukebox. Oh sure, you could note that there's a permanent link to that blog in our list of blog links that would suggest that I might know some of the bloggers over there which is why I took the liberty of linking them back to this blog in an effort to broaden your audience and all. That might be true. However, what's also true is that I had no idea that they would be discussing the book at the same time as us! As before, uncanny is the word.


  1. Hahaha, The Pomo Jukebox. I've never heard of them but that name is great. Almost too much but actually just right.

  2. It's scary, for an English major at least, how this class has changed the definitions of some words, while keeping the definitions of other words the same. Uncanny? I thought Uncanny used to be Coincidence + Unbelievable. Now it's become Deja Vu+Mysterious.

    Anyway, I'm with Kelsey about the Pomo Jukebox. Great name.

    Anybody want to explain the quotation from the book to me? "With inhibitions against them removed, the tender sentiments might unveil their unsuspected splendors. (133)" that "THEM" is very vague!

  3. I'm pretty sure "them" acts as an antecedent for the "tender sentiments," but I could be wrong.

    I guess Maddin is arguing for a time where "tender sentiments" are no longer "uncool," and when people are less self-concious of admitting to enjoying something as "melodramatic" as Celine's music