Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Plans?

I was just wondering if anybody had some plans for the summer? Volunteer work, vacations, cool jobs/internships?

I am super excited for graduation cause Im moving to England. Moving out of the country seems like a good way to enter the real world with a bang.


  1. thats awesome... ill be doing WWOOFing this summer and some geology research. besides that basically nothing :))))

  2. Unfortunately, I'm working at Forever 21 most days and attending Intro to Stat classes as the local community college to get credits out of the way. I'll be reading too. I'm shocked with how fast my freshman year passed.

  3. Oh England sounds nice!

    I'm graduating too! I'm planning on relaxing for awhile before looking for a job. I work at a bike shop here in DC, Bike and Roll, so I'll be working there all summer. I also have a couple trips planned, Ecuador for two weeks in June with my sister and Sri Lanka for a month in late August with my roommates. ONe of my roommates is from SL so it'll be fun to have her show us around.

    After summer...who knows. I'd like to teach English back in Ecuador if I can - so we'll see what happens. All i know is I'm so excited to be done with schoolwork for awhile! I plan on reading a lot of books and watching some Spanish language movies to prep for my trip to Ecuador. Anyone have any suggestions on that front?