Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I Lied

Well, all that stuff I wrote on the Palimpsests page of my new(ish) website was a lie, apparently.  It seems that I do, in fact, remember the password to this blog, and it seems that I can, in fact, log in to it.

It also seems that I can still post stuff here. 

Wonders never cease.

And speaking of wonders, I cannot believe that the last official post on this blog was over seven years ago.  Time flies.

Well, if you have been paying any kind of attention to me, and I know that there are not many of you who are doing that, I am now currently blogging in two distinct locations.  First, and maybe most prominently, is at Coach Kiprunning.  Second is my own amped up WordPress blog on my new amped up website.

It is fascinating and disorienting to return to this humble blogspace as a now actually somewhat decent and knowledgeable web developer.  I knew so, so little when I started this venture in 2009, and I remember having absolutely no idea what all of the buzzy settings inside of Blogger were meant to do!  Now, I do know what lots of those settings are meant to do, but it is unlikely that I will do anything with them here.  Maybe I'll install a Google Analytics ID just to give this page some juice.  Maybe I won't, though.  I'm now kind of routinely building websites for people, so I'm already doing enough Analytics installations.

There is also no way that I'm wandering into the miasma of Blogger-Facebook-Twitter meta tag integration.  I've done that elsewhere, and let me just say that it was so much fun that I don't want to spoil the memory by doing it again.

As far as the You Made Me Theorize Archives go, the last official entry in them is dated Wednesday, April 27, 2011.  If you are interested, you can scroll back from there all the way to the beginning.  Along the way, you'll note, among other things, that I once spent some time discussing Dinosaur Jr. with my students.  I really enjoyed teaching literature, and it remains a constant point of frustration that the academic job market is so terrible.

Anyway, enjoy.