Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jefferson against Universal Health Care?

In Notes on the State of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson (TJ) makes it really clear religion and government are two separate things and government should not enforce a religion. I came upon this quote on pg 662 that made me think...

"Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now...Government is just as infallible too when it fixes systems in physics." (p. 662)

TJ' use of the word MEDICINE really stood out. Is he against Obamacare?

Don't get me wrong Jefferson is a true scholar, but that's his ultimate problem. As the father of American republicanism (agrian society and states rights), he (along with others) laid the seeds for the Civil War


  1. I think he would have voted against it. He never trusted the government to do anything. But Jefferson being Jefferson, the moment the bill would reach his desk, he would run out the back door of the White House (As the British stormed the front door of Monticello during the war of 1812, Jefferson fled by the back door). John Adams might have consulted Abigail before proceeding.