Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something New

I am one of those people that can stare at books for only so long. With all the reading I have to do then looking at the book background on this blog and I had to change it. I figured since Benjamin Franklin was also a man of science I would change the look of the blog to show something different. As far as I can recall at the moment Franklin didn't do anything with astronomy, (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong), but I put as a background on what I would call the ultimate science. Astronomy also happens to be my favorite. I will always understand science a thousand times better then I ever will literature. Just as we use these books of literature to understand the past, present, and possible future writers and their styles,, we also use telescopes (and writings of course) to understand the past, present, and future of the universe. Just some words of my wandering mind.


  1. And it should probably be the opening title to Star Wars.

    I like the new background. If Franklin had a few more years (or didn't have to spend so much time developing this country) I think he would have enjoyed studying astronomy. I always wonder what the men and women of that age would think of our accomplishments today. I'd like to assume Franklin would be more accepting of an insane notion such as putting a man on the moon than most of his peers - simply because of his imagination and lofty goals. Who knows, maybe he'd take credit for it...Poor Richard knows all!

  2. Poor Richard knows all ha ha I like that. Unfortunately no matter how much we save only a lucky few will ever make it into outer space. Maybe Poor Richard could give up some lucky lotto numbers, its not what he is about but its worth a shot. I am sure that Franklin would blow his top if he could just see what we can and understand what we do today.