Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mondays are NOT my mortal enemy anymore

I used to dread mondays. Not because of it being the first day of the week, or because it was jam packed with classes. I didn't hate it because I had to wake up early or because the water took abnormally long to heat up. No, I hated it because our TV would make CBS all staticky. On Mondays nights, CBS is hilarious!

Starting at 8pm, you have How I Met Your Mother, and I since season 1, I have been in love with NPH (Neil Patrick Harris). The show is hilarious in more ways than one, and if I started listing, I wouldn't do so well on that midterm tomorrow. The show is about Ted Mosby. He's been looking for his future wife throughout the show, but he's breaking down "How I Met Your Mother" to his kids in 2030. Marshall and Lily are in the center, married couple and Ted's best friends. Robin is the gorgeous girl on the bottom right, Canadian, reporter, Ted's best friend, and one time love interest. Finally, NPH who plays Barney Stinson, a womanizer, player, and plain old awesome guy!

Next up is Rules of Engagement. A startling drop in "funny-necessity" (<-- my own word) but David Spade and Patrick Warburton are a great team and make the show bearable.

9pm means Two and A Half Men. In one word, the show is hysterical. Let me break it down for you. Charlie Sheen lives in Malibu, his brother and nephew live with him. Done. SO simple, yet SO funny. The world revolves around Charlie, his brother and nephew are a pain in his ass, mainly because they ruin his one-night stands. Watch it, I DARE YOU TO NOT LAUGH!

Last is Big Bang Theory, which has slowly become my favorite. The show is about four Ph.D's working at CalTech. Brainy, nerdy, geeky, with the hot girl-next door type next door. The five are an amazing group that make Robot Wars, Lord of the Rings, Chinese Food, and Parking Violations hilarious!

Next time you're free for 2 hours on a monday night and your TV gets great reception, give me a call. I need my monday comedy!

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  1. Full confession: I have a Ph.D., and by most standards am probably nerdy, geeky, etc., though I am a pretty decent athlete if you get me on a track and/or cross country course (still can run a mile in under five minutes even in my early thirties).

    In any case, being who I am, I can say with absolute certainty that I have never been able to befried a girl as "hot" as Kaley Cuoco. Rather, I just married a girl that hot. The lesson? Reading really is cool, folks.