Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's always interesting to see how movies based on books turn out. Sometimes they can be extremely awesome, other times quite the opposite. In light of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which I haven't seen yet, sadly), I found something that we can all chuckle at.

While this is hilarious (and has nothing to do with Faulkner or modernism, I might add), I have to ask myself: What would poor Lewis Carroll think?


  1. lewis carroll would be ashamed!! the new alice in wonderland (more of a sequel then a remake) was totally lame! just stick to the original or read the book

  2. At this point, this is exactly what I'm thinking! Although Carroll was a pretty crazy guy for his time, I'm sure this is not what he had in mind. Counting the opium trips... eh maybe Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass did involve a scary mad hatter with a likeness to Johnny Depp and Avatar-like, trippy animation.

    That aside, you have to ask yourself whether the movie does the novel justice, or just makes it obsolete to today's viewers. Does making a novel into a movie decrease the chances that someone will actually pick up the book and read it? Random thoughts in my brain.

  3. Go to any Borders (or other mainstream bookstore), and you'll see Alice displays all over. For the moment, they are replacing the vampire displays.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Lada Gaga sprung fully-grown out of some long lost Lewis Carroll novel. She'll probably set the novel to some insane music video at some point in the future.

  4. Gwen Stefani did that first though... haha.

  5. I saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend and it was surprisingly accurate to the book. It must be really difficult to bring such imagery and description to life on the big screen and I think Tim Burton did an amazing job mixing animation and real life!