Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The xx

The song that Professor Fisher posted reminded me a lot of my current favorite band The xx. Shameless plug to follow. Highly suggest listening. Plus their at the 9:30 club this weekend :)


Anyways I am going to attempt to connect the band to the post-modernism movement.

There is a part of the song around 2:40 where both the male and female vocals overlap with different lyrics. It has a similar effect that As I Lay Dying did. I never knew which narrative to follow and which story was the truth.

I also found it interesting that the beats aren't made by drums but by the keyboard which is essentially replaying the recorded sound of a drum. All of the recordings on the keyboard are fragmented and shored together into a song.


  1. I've been meaning to pick up this record for a while. This recommendation will speed things along for me!

  2. My roommate saw the xx at a synagogue in DC a few weeks ago. He said they put on an awesome show. Quite the place to see an up and coming band. His Catholic-Irish blood was on full display as he wore his cross to the event...