Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm stealing my inspiration from Lauren's recent post.

Check out these book covers that should be familiar to all of you by now.

Now, look at this results list.

Did Lady Gaga have a hand in this? Any other thoughts?


  1. I've seen book covers like those in stores and every time I see one I get this sick feeling as if I am Jane Austen rolling in my grave. I understand that there is a lot of money to be made from anything resembling Twilight...but do these people really think that Twilighters will read past the familiar cover into some classic literature? I doubt it.

  2. It makes me sad that Jane Austen has to be manufactured in this way to woo younger readers... in many ways I feel like it is the defacing of a classic.

  3. I see your point Andrew, however if this is effective in getting younger people to read the stories, then it is not such a bad thing. If it helps the book sell, and read by those who may not have otherwise picked it up, then it is positive overall.